Measure vs. Poiesis: 1-0
Solo exhibition at FiveMyles Gallery, PlusSpace, in Brooklyn, NY. October 2017.

ArtShape Mammoth
Guest curator for Art Shape Mammoth, a non-profit organization cultivating arts research, education, and dialogue by supporting the development of artists and by connecting them with new communities. The group exhibition will be held at Wayfarers Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, October 2017.

Cultural Fluency
The second edition of Cultural Fluency (culturalfluency.info), an interview series examining the exchange between place and creative practice, will be launched Fall/Winter 2017.


Urban Omnibus
I'm honored for my work to be featured in the Portfolio series of Urban Omnibus, The Architectural League's online publication dedicated to defining and enriching the culture of citymaking. In Portfolio: Third Spaces, I discuss the intersection of stoop architecture and third spaces in my art.

Fieldwork Publication
Originally published in 2009 as a limited-edition collective artwork, the book is now available to read online on ISSUU. Fieldwork gathers together a series of conversations with leading international artists, anthropologists, landscape architects, and composers including Joseph Kosuth, Dan Peterman, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Alan Johnston, Tim Ingold, Eelco Hooftman, and Martin Parker. Each interview reveals a complimentary vision of what it means to do fieldwork today, and the stimulating challenges of site-specific enquiry and practice.