My artworks critically and playfully challenge our relationship to the tension that exists between the intellect and the sensual, between measurement and lived experience. Born in Buffalo, aged in Philadelphia, and seasoned in Australia, Scotland, and New York City, the love of 'place' has been a constant inspiration and curiosity since childhood. What began as an enquiry of what makes a place a 'place', grew to a broader examination of this tug between calculation and lived experience and how this tug also plays out in our judgements of truth, beauty, subjectivity, and the feminine. Drawing from my current research in philosophy and aesthetics and nearly twenty years of professional experience in the fields of architecture, branding, and graphic design, I create artworks in multiple mediums from drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and installation to public art commissions, interactive events, curating, and writing. The artworks often have a cheeky sensibility and are laced with a subtle humor.