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Archival Digital Glossy Prints, 18”x24” and 12"x18" unframed, Limited Edition of 5;
Instagram Gallery

The #HomemadeLandscape series critically questions our relationship to place, measurement, and the sublime in our increasingly networked yet disconnected society. The macro-photographs challenge Kantian notions of the feeling of the sublime as being solely dependent on encountering an immeasurable scale of magnitude in nature. The artworks emphasize a different trigger of sublimity: The scenes are of intimate moments encountered by the artist, unconstructed and often found in her Brooklyn apartment, that reveal the feeling of the sublime as it occurs in everyday life - moments of immeasurable time. Posted on Instagram and geo-tagged as an other “sublime” location, the social media platform is treated as both an art medium and subject. View the entire series on Instagram on #HomemadeLandscape