Photography > 1995

1995 (Stage 1) & 1995 (Stage 2)
Archival Pigment Prints.
14" x 12.75"
Limited Edition of 10 + 2AP.

Plastic, Water, Diary Entries, Sunlight
Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

The “1995” photography series is a poetic reflection on writing, memory, and loss. While exploring a junk yard in Scotland, I discovered a discarded hand-written diary of one woman’s life, written in 1995. Inspired by botanic and medical methods of preserving specimens in liquid, each page was placed in a separate vessel filled with water, not to preserve the paper, but to preserve the ephemeral quality of journaling: The water hastened the break-down of the text (Stage One). As each page broke down, it became a catalyst for the growth of self-contained ecosystems. A new organic order replaced the codified order of human language (Stage Two). I never read the diary.