Curating > "Cultural Fluency: Engagements with Contemporary Brooklyn" - BRIC, Brooklyn NY.

Vocal artist Malesha Jessie challenges the notion of ‘authenticity’ in opera performance being tied to a ‘legitimate’ venue and audience. Her guerrilla opera bombs in the barbershops, bodegas, stoops, and sidewalks in Bedford-Stuyvesant engage a surprised public who pause to listen and even spontaneously dance to her performances. The 8-minute video loop Guerrilla Opera is presented openly, allowing the film’s music to permeate the gallery space and alter the experience of viewing nearby artworks.

Watch an excerpt of the video here on YouTube.

Artwork on far wall: From Here I Saw What Happened and I Could Not Understand (aka The Obama Skirt Project) by Aisha Cousins

"Guerrilla Opera" by Malesha Jessie
"Guerrilla Opera" by Malesha Jessie