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Orkney Series
Archival Pigment Prints on BFK Rives Paper
33” x 43” each
Limited Edition of 5 + 2 AP

By replacing the Cartesian thinking and mapping with an experiential map vocabulary, each drawing reveals the spirit of the Orkney shoreline at a particular moment in time. Over the course of five days, the artist walked the shorelines depicted on a survey map of the Orkney Islands in Scotland in order to explore first-hand the dynamism, depth, and infinite immeasurableness of the spaces depicted by what we perceive as a definitive, single line on the survey map. She documented details of the spaces using a magnifying glass and macro lens, then translated the macro-photos into drawings using a digital pen. These individual drawings were the alphabet used to create psychogeographic maps of the Orkney shoreline. Each drawing in the Orkney Series depicts one day’s walk.