ARTWORK > Homemade Landscape Series

Sizes and Mediums Vary:
Archival Pigment Prints on Paper, Canvas, and Dibond: 7" x 12" to 72"x 96"
Lightboxes: 4" x 4"
Video Artworks

For the 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant, the feeling of the sublime arose from overcoming the fear of one’s inability to grasp the magnitude of nature. Inspired by the writings of Virginia Woolf, the macro-photography and video series offers a more feminine take on the sublime: the feeling of awe that arises when one pauses in the immeasurableness of the intimate. Composed entirely in the camera lens, the scenes are of ordinary moments and objects encountered by the artist. When viewed up close, these intimate moments spark the feeling of the sublime as it occurs as a time-out-of-time experience in everyday life. The artworks are posted on Instagram and geo-tagged as an other “sublime” location, treating the social media platform as both an art medium and subject.