I am interested in the art of knowledge – how do we know what we know, and how do we live according to this? Particularly, my work delves into the “tug” that exists between measurement and lived experience, binary thinking and sensuous feeling, the rational and the sensual. Born in Buffalo, aged in Philadelphia, and seasoned in Australia, Scotland, and New York City, a curiosity and love of place has been a constant inspiration since childhood. What began as an artistic inquiry into the “tug” of place has grown into a broader examination of this tug in language, time, the feminine, and notions of truth. Drawing from my current research/writing in philosophy and aesthetics and nearly twenty years working in the fields of architecture and graphic design, I create artworks in multiple mediums from drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and installation to public art commissions, interactive events, curating, and writing. The artworks often draw attention to the reverie and wonderment of everyday life and are laced with a subtle humor.

Writer and activist Parker Palmer describes a third thing as something that “allows us to hold challenging issues metaphorically, where they can’t devolve to the pro-or-con choices forced on us by conventional debate.” For me, this is what art is all about­—creating a multi-layered space that inspires conversation and a questioning of predetermined truths.


Artist-in-Residence, NARS Foundation, Brooklyn NY.
PhD Candidate in Philosophy, Art Theory & Aesthetics at IDSVA.

Sixteen Memos for the New Millennium, Group Exhibition, NARS Foundation, Nov 16–Dec 14.
Open Studio & Art Sale, NARS Foundation, Dec 7 & 8.