The Tug brings together a collection of artworks by artist Erin Gleason that examine the tension between lived experience and the points of calculation by which we measure life.

Part installation, part exhibition of drawings, prints, photographs and sculpture, The Tug addresses how our sense truth is pulled between lived experience and terms of categorization through the lenses of the feminine, the beautiful, and the sublime. With playful nods to Henri Bergson, Hypatia of Alexandria, Immanuel Kant, Joseph Kosuth, Milan Kundera, and Virginia Woolf, the artworks challenge our habits of finding security in equating measurement with truth across the terrains of architecture, cartography, history, technology, and language. The exhibition subtly shifts as artworks move and change over the course of time, evoking the unfixed, sensual nature of these living spheres.

The Tug was exhibited at FiveMyles Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, 2017.