Curating > "Cultural Fluency: Engagements with Contemporary Brooklyn" - BRIC, Brooklyn NY.

The exhibition's public program, Inside Cultural Fluency, centered on a dialogue between the artists, curator, and audience on inhabiting and impacting the city through art, and the significance of 'place' in each artist's process. After the Q&As, artist Aisha Cousins directed two of the interactive performance art scores associated with her artwork in the exhibition, from here I saw what happened and I could not understand (aka The Obama Skirt Project):

Using karaoke style comedy routines, viewers reflected on American's predictions, perceptions, hopes, and fears of having its first black president. Watch the performance here.

I Wonder Which One Michelle Uses
In this "do-it-yourself" public intervention, viewers explored the extent to which Obama's election has subtly shifted non-black Americans' perceptions of Afro-American women, by creating a nation of people who feel a personal connection to his wife, Michelle.

Photograph by Abigail Clark
Inside Cultural Fluency