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Drawings: Menstruation Blood, Ink.
Wallpaper and Textiles: Digital prints.
Sizes Vary.

The “Abject/Value” series values menstruation blood and time as a precious resources, much like how gold, indigo, salt, and oil have been valued in history. Drawings created using menstruation blood and ink are scanned in to create the pattern designs. The decorative patterns are based on quilt designs and other communal crafts with a history of embedded languages, and are sold as wallpapers and textiles in the marketplace alongside other decor items.

The Beautiful
Menstruation Blood, Crayola Tempera, Ink
16 x 16
Menstruation Blood, Crayola Tempera, Ink
18 x 24 in
Menstruation Blood, Ink
13 x 11 in
The Divine
Menstruation Blood, Ink
Abject/Value I
Digital Print Wallpaper and Textile