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The Beautiful
Menstruation Blood, Crayola Tempera, Ink
16 x 16
Menstruation Blood, Crayola Tempera, Ink
18 x 24 in
Menstruation Blood, Ink
13 x 11 in
The Divine
Menstruation Blood, Ink
Abject/Value I
Digital Print Wallpaper and Textile

Drawings: Menstruation Blood, Ink.
Wallpaper: Digital prints.
Size Varies.

The “Abject/Value” series of drawings, wallpapers, textile, and tile designs values menstruation blood and time as a precious resources, much like how gold, indigo, salt, and oil have been valued in history. Based on quilt patterns and other communal crafts with a history of embedded languages, the decorative patterns are sold in the marketplace alongside other decor items. Work in progress. Installation photograph of wallpaper design mock-up at Vermont Studio Center, 2018.